Back in Paris

So, I’m finally back in Paris after a few months away. Being here again for almost an entire year straight in 2013/4 wore me out, if I’m really honest. It’s been a difficult reality to face, because Paris has been my first love for so many years – at least since 2006, if not before, when I first landed here in 1999. My first week has been filled with catching up with a few friends, walks to Trocadéro, Paris Fashion Week, and catching up on sleep.

I haven’t gotten a chance to upload, organize, and edit my newest photos yet, but here are some from my phone from the last few days. More to come soon.

2014-09-26 08.30.09

Walking from Métro Charles de Gaulle Étoile with lots of luggage, but still stopped to take a photo of this beauty

2014-09-26 16.51.48

Spotted in the 16ème arrondissement

2014-09-26 17.19.49

Post-nap afternoon walk to Trocadéro with a friend

2014-09-30 17.11.07

Oh, look, you can see the Seine again through the Pont des Arts

2014-09-30 17.11.47

Pont des Arts still loaded down in many sections

2014-09-30 18.38.20

Post-performance bicycle + Eiffel Tower shot

Amsterdam Shadows


“Each of us possesses a creative self. Claiming that is a transformational art.
When you begin to act on your creativity,
what you find inside may be more valuable than
what you produce for the external world.
The ultimate creative act is to express what is most authentic and individual about you.”
~ Eileen M. Clegg

Paris in the Rain

Gil: This is unbelievable! Look at this! There’s no city like this in the world. There never was.
Inez: You act like you’ve never been here before.
Gil: I don’t get here often enough, that’s the problem. Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Imagine this town in the ’20s. Paris in the ’20s, in the rain. The artists and writers!
Inez: Why does every city have to be in the rain? What’s wonderful about getting wet?

From Midnight in Paris

Wicker Basket Bicycle

wicker basket Amsterdam bicycle

“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.” ~ H.G. Wells

When I wander through Amsterdam, I tend to stick to the canals as my main routes, so when I end up wandering more side streets, I realize there are also plenty of charming scenes to be seen there, too. I spotted this cute bicycle with a fabulously large wicker basket near Amsterdam’s most central park, Vondelpark. I love how the shutters add to the scene, making it unmistakably the Netherlands.