Nanashi: Le Bento Parisien

It’s always nice to return to Paris and hang out with friends who have lived in a neighborhood for some time, because they always seem to have the best tips on where to eat. I hadn’t seen one of my friends for almost a year, and it was time to catch up. She suggested Nanashi for Sunday brunch, which was perfectly synchronicitous because I had walked past it recently and noted it, wanting to try it.

The concept is fresh, healthy food, and they meet their mark with flying colors. So often when you go to restaurants these days, it looks like (and is often the case) you have been served a frozen meal. Everything at Nanashi is delicious and fresh, and although a little on the pricy side, I plan to return often.

Nanashi Paris
Fresh juice

tofu, bento, Nanashi
My tofu burger bento

Our Sunday afternoon continued with a stroll through the Marais, neither one of us wanting to leave. The weather was lovely, the stroll just what we needed. Craving a little something sweet, we found ourselves in front of Miss Cupcake. Needless to say, neither of us could resist the look of those yummy sweets in the window, so we popped in for a little treat.

cupcake, Paris
Miss Cupcake, Marais

After that, we continued our stroll all the way down to Palais Royal where we saw one of my favorite French exports: brioche. Just look at that.

brioche, Paris


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