La Grande Épicerie

fleur de sel
Spanish Fleur de Sel – yes, please!

Have you ever been to La Grande Épicerie? Have the superb marketing techniques of those who design the place sucked you in, too? I swear, every time I go in there I buy something I don’t need. And every time I go in there, I see things I buy at other stores – same brand, maybe even higher price – that I sometimes end up buying just because they look better. But is it any wonder? La Grande Épicerie is an LVMH store.

Since the last time I was in La Grande Épicerie, there have been some major design changes (where’s my luxe tea?), or should I say “improvements”.


The wall of water

Now there is this glorious section of just water, that invites you to discover all the ways companies bottle water – plate or pétillante alike. And let me tell you, there are some beautiful bottles out there!

Another change they made in their efforts to make the store more of a French gastronomical concept store, was that they added a basement cave à vin (wine cellar) complete with tasting bar, that can be accessed easily from the Men’s Fashion section of sister store Le Bon Marché. If you are one who appreciates fine things, or even normal things displayed in a luxe way, I would highly recommend you stop into La Grand Épicerie for a visit and some gourmet groceries.

Marc Jacobs Coca Cola,
Marc Jacobs Coca Cola bottles
tartes, patisseries
Tempting patisseries

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