Amsterdam Spring Stoop

Amsterdam, flowers

Instagram always has me getting excited about the season we are currently in. I have been away from my beloved Paris and Amsterdam for a couple of months now, and the mild winter over there means that the flowers are starting to blossom early. Every year, one of my favorite things is to wander my city (whichever it is at the time) and look for signs of the next season. A little crocus popping up in a park, a day with a shining sun that never seems to go down, the first golden leaf to hit the ground, that familiar crisp feeling as Fall begins to turn to Winter… They’re different every year, but they bring me the same amount of joy each time, it seems. I remember stopping for this shot in early Spring a few years ago in Amsterdam. The gentle aroma of the fully bloomed hyacinths wafted toward me as I stopped to capture this welcoming entryway on the Singel.


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