Signs of Spring

Falling Off BicyclesI didn’t go to Jardin des Plantes for the first couple of years I lived in Paris; it just wasn’t on my radar at all. One Spring a few years ago, I went there with my boyfriend only to come across the most beautiful display of Springtime glory I have ever seen. While it may sound hyperbolic to make such a claim, I would invite and encourage you to make a point to be in Paris for early to mid-Spring some year to see what I’m talking about. Paris has flowering trees all across the city, and timing is of course key when it comes to these things – especially if you wish to see the magnolia trees, which bloom early on and for a short period of time.

When I got there, I was somewhat relieved to see that the tree was not yet in bloom, but the buds were showing signs of soon being ready to burst open. There is something truly magical about seeing nature in its rebirth stage; for me it’s the most wonderful season as it welcomes us to contemplate the power that brings us all life. Naturally, being intrigued with this state of being, I shot lots of bud photos. Enjoy!

Falling Off Bicycles

Falling Off Bicycles


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