Sweet Treat in Paris

macarons Paris

Back in 2012, a friend of mine let me stay in his very nice place on rue Gay Lussac for a few weeks, in the 5th arrondissement, where (at the time) I had spent very little time. If you’re not familiar with the street, perhaps knowing that it was just around the corner from the Luxembourg Gardens gives you a hint of its lovely location. Usually, my route to get home from a day out in Paris took me down Boulevard Saint Michel (which borders the Gardens), past Quick and other unfortunate fast food restaurants, then up rue Gay Lussac. Day after day, I would pass this modern looking pastry shop with dozens and dozens of colorful macarons sitting in the windows and display cases longing to be taken to a Parisian park and savored. Alas, I caved one day but limited myself to a mere half dozen. It was just enough for a sampling of the flavors and to get a sense of the quality. Now, I do not tout myself as a macaron connoisseur (though I have had my fair share over the years). If memory serves, the flavors I chose were: Mangue Passion, Praliné noisettes, Pistache grillotte, Caramel fleur de sel, Café, and Ganache chocolate Noir.

I was unfamiliar with this patissier at the time, and really haven’t heard much of Franck Kestener since, but I must say his macarons are on par with the best I have had anywhere in Paris. Crispy shells, moeulleux insides, and rich flavors. I recommend this place enthusiastically.

macarons Paris

7 r Gay Lussac
Tel: 01 43 26 40 91

Ouvert le dimanche et le lundi de 11H00 à 20H00
Mardi au Samedi de 10H00 à 20H00


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