Back in Paris

So, I’m finally back in Paris after a few months away. Being here again for almost an entire year straight in 2013/4 wore me out, if I’m really honest. It’s been a difficult reality to face, because Paris has been my first love for so many years – at least since 2006, if not before, when I first landed here in 1999. My first week has been filled with catching up with a few friends, walks to Trocadéro, Paris Fashion Week, and catching up on sleep.

I haven’t gotten a chance to upload, organize, and edit my newest photos yet, but here are some from my phone from the last few days. More to come soon.

2014-09-26 08.30.09
Walking from Métro Charles de Gaulle Étoile with lots of luggage, but still stopped to take a photo of this beauty
2014-09-26 16.51.48
Spotted in the 16ème arrondissement
2014-09-26 17.19.49
Post-nap afternoon walk to Trocadéro with a friend
2014-09-30 17.11.07
Oh, look, you can see the Seine again through the Pont des Arts
2014-09-30 17.11.47
Pont des Arts still loaded down in many sections
2014-09-30 18.38.20
Post-performance bicycle + Eiffel Tower shot

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