The Holland Times Raw Food Article Interview

the holland times

Raw food more popular than a burger? is one of the latest articles in Dutch press to discuss the up and coming health food movement in the Netherlands, and it represents quite a big movement indeed. When I first moved to Amsterdam in 2010, there was a single juice bar that popped up in a google search, with one vegetarian and one vegan restaurant occupying the city center. It was my first time living together with my Dutchman, so we were quite happy to eat at home with our canal view (it still seems like a dream), but now when I return to the capital city I’m surprised (and thrilled) with each new spot that opens up.

Since we’re on the topic, a few of my favorite plant-based (or plant-based friendly) spots in Amsterdam include: Lite/Dark, Tarwegraskoning, Pluk, Vinnie’s (get the black bean hummus sandwich!), Golden TempleAlchemist’s Garden, de Waaghals, Lavinia GoodFood, Dr. Blend. There are, of course, others, but I don’t recommend them all. Even a couple of the above have a few kinks to work out, but they are still great options for healthy eating in this progressive city.

Check out the Holland Times article and weigh in in the comments. Does your city have a “clean eating” movement? I love to hear about how food consciousness is changing around the world.

wheatgrass, tarwegrass, Amsterdam

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