Waterlogue Wednesdays: Peaceful Scenes

Waterlogue, Watercolor, tinrocket, Holland, Netherlands, Kinderdijk, Julia Willard, Falling Off Bicycles, Paris photography, Rome photography, Amsterdam photographer
france, paris, sunset, falling-off-bicycles, watercolor, julia-willard, waterlogue, giverny, tinrocket, julie-willard, Louvre, Carrousel du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe

Today, I wanted to share a couple of images that show the majestic beauty of the places I have lived for the last few years. The first photo was taken at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kinderdijk, near Dordrecht, Netherlands. We visited there this month on a freezing day, but I got some beautiful photos as the sun began popping through the dark clouds.

The second image is one I took at sunset one evening while wandering through the center of Paris. Sunsets in Paris are pretty remarkable, especially with the stunning silhouettes made by the architecture. I love how the sunset looks behind the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the lampposts.

Images brought to you by moi and Waterlogue.


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