Gift Idea! Map of a Favorite Destination

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🎅🏼📃 Know somebody who just got moved from the Naughty list to the Nice list and need a gift idea?💡 How about a @mapiful map of a favorite spot? 🗺 Personal and unique! 📍 Use code BICYCLE15 for 15% off your order! 🚲

My Paris Story Books Available for the Holidays

My Paris Story, Dawn Bournand, Julia Willard, Claire Morris, Falling Off Bicycles, Balboa Press
Looking for an inspiring read for a francophile you love?

My Paris Story – Living, Loving and Leaping without a net, a book I wrote with 21 other inspiring women, I have my own stock and would be happy to send you a copy. Books are paperback and priced at $12.99, and it is my pleasure to include a Falling Off Bicycles bookmark with each book you order – my treat. I will also sign your book, if you like. Click the image to place your order and see the bookmark options.

Thanks in advance for sharing with anyone who may be interested.

Amsterdam Photos for Sale

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Amsterdam is so gorgeous in the Fall. Check out my etsy shop to see my collection of Autumn images from my many foggy, golden-leaf filled days wandering through beautiful Amsterdam.

Introducing… Falling Off Bicycles’ First Puzzle!!

My mom and I have always loved putting jigsaw puzzles together. She has that puzzle- and word game-loving mind that I seem to have inherited. I have dreamt for years of making all kinds of products from my photographs, but a puzzle was always among the few at the top of the list. Last year, I finally decided to go for it and find a partner to create jigsaw puzzles out of my images.

In secret, I sifted through my favorite images, vetting them for which ones would make the most interesting puzzles. The first one I decided on is one of my favorite images taken in one of my favorite French towns. My trip to Martigues in 2012 was a favorite for me. I took the train from Marseille where I was staying with my French family to go discover the nearby towns. This image sells really well for me, and it’s one I return to time and time again to remind myself of why I love photographing France. I, of course, am also thrilled there is a bicycle in it! 😉 So for Christmas this past year, I gave away my very first Falling Off Bicycles puzzle, and the recipient was obvious… it had to be the one who taught me my love for puzzles, my mom.

France puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, Martigues, France, colorful puzzle, lilacs

Even after Christmas festivities wound down, we still didn’t get it done when I was home for Christmas, but my quick Spring trip home gave us just the right amount of time to tackle it. For the first time in my memory, my dad also sat down to help with the puzzle, which made the coming together of it all a bit sweeter.

So voilà! Here is the finished product. I must say, I was quite pleased with the result. What do you think?

Thankful Thursdays – My Paris Story at WH Smith

My Paris Story, The Paris Women of Success

Becoming a published author was something I have wanted for myself for a long time.
Becoming an International best-seller is something I had never even considered.
Having something I wrote on display in one of my favorite bookstores in the world, Paris’s WH Smith among some of my favorite memoirs and stories about France, had never crossed my mind.

All of these things happened in 2014. Thankful.

For Sale on Twenty20

Check out the great products you can purchase with my France and Netherlands photos on them.

Here is a recent shot from my time in Amsterdam a few days ago available for purchase here.

Christmas Florist Framed Print
Christmas Florist Framed Print

For Sale on Twenty20

Check out all the great products you can purchase with my France and Netherlands photos on them.

Here is a recent shot from my time in Paris this fall available for purchase here.

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