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France is a country whose history is steeped in art tradition. I have written many times about the French attention to detail, a quality that I so admire. The list of famous French artists goes deep, from Cezanne to Renoir to Matisse. But there are artists all over Paris whose work is far more approachable than that of Monet and Degas. Everyone knows about Place du Tertre on Montmartre, where artists gather to tempt tourists with their representations of the Sacré Cœur. But some of my most precious Paris art pieces have been purchased from a lone artist among the bouquinistes along the Seine, at an outdoor marché, or on one of the City’s beautiful bridges. Whether you purchase or not, these artists add such a beautiful element to the landscape of the city, with their own splendid touch.


Paris in the Rain

Gil: This is unbelievable! Look at this! There’s no city like this in the world. There never was.
Inez: You act like you’ve never been here before.
Gil: I don’t get here often enough, that’s the problem. Can you picture how drop dead gorgeous this city is in the rain? Imagine this town in the ’20s. Paris in the ’20s, in the rain. The artists and writers!
Inez: Why does every city have to be in the rain? What’s wonderful about getting wet?

From Midnight in Paris

Julia Willard ’04 Pursues Photography Passion and Entrepreneurship

Very thankful to Jewell Business Today for this lovely feature!

Jewell Business Today

By Channing Wall – The beautiful and fascinating surroundings of Amsterdam and Paris inspired WJC grad Julia Willard ‘04 to start a photography business, Falling Off Bicycles, featuringphotographs she has taken throughout Europe.

Julia graduated with a degree in French and International Business after transferring to Jewell her junior year and studying abroad for one semester. After Jewell she worked for Commerce Trust Company in the Loan Department and then at Cerner – France as a translator and English teacher. While in France, she earned an MBA in International Business.

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