Waterlogue Wednesdays: Lavender in Bretagne

Julia Willard, Falling Off Bicycles, lavender Provence

Today’s Waterlogue is from an image not from Provence, but from the western region of Bretagne. I still dream of seeing fields and fields of lavender one of these summers in France, but this particular garden was just as satisfying with its impressive display of both lavender and hydrangeas. The bumble bees were having a heyday! We had picked up a brochure of the region somewhere along the highway and so I was directing us based on what looked most interesting… and colorful. Although this is only a small zoomed-in image of the incredible garden, I prefer to share this simple snapshot of so many consider quintessential French summertime.


Waterlogue Wednesdays: Parked Bicycle in Avignon

Avignon, France photo by Julia Willard Falling Off Bicycles

Today’s Waterlogue is from an image I took at a church in Avignon. As you probably know by now, I go to Provence regularly, since I have an adopted French family there. I took a few days away from my sweet family to explore a few French towns on my own. I had been to Avignon a couple of times before, but I had a completely new experience with it this most recent time. It’s so charming and has such a strong bike culture! (I can’t help but wonder if I was oblivious to it before or if cycling is on the rise there.) I loved getting up early and wandering the streets by myself. Those beautiful French doors, the framing of the churches beautiful stonework, and the bicycle all together naturally caught my attention.