Amsterdam Photos for Sale

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Amsterdam is so gorgeous in the Fall. Check out my etsy shop to see my collection of Autumn images from my many foggy, golden-leaf filled days wandering through beautiful Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Shadows


“Each of us possesses a creative self. Claiming that is a transformational art.
When you begin to act on your creativity,
what you find inside may be more valuable than
what you produce for the external world.
The ultimate creative act is to express what is most authentic and individual about you.”
~ Eileen M. Clegg

Wicker Basket Bicycle

wicker basket Amsterdam bicycle

“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.” ~ H.G. Wells

When I wander through Amsterdam, I tend to stick to the canals as my main routes, so when I end up wandering more side streets, I realize there are also plenty of charming scenes to be seen there, too. I spotted this cute bicycle with a fabulously large wicker basket near Amsterdam’s most central park, Vondelpark. I love how the shutters add to the scene, making it unmistakably the Netherlands.

Gezellig Amsterdam

Amsterdam, charm, gezellig

Oh, how I love Amsterdam in the warm months! The people set up little tables and chairs – and sometimes nothing at all – to sit on and have an afternoon biertje and borrelhapjes. The Dutch definitely appreciate their outdoor time, so when the weather is fitting for some good people watching, tables like these are pushed out onto the front stoops across the city and filled with Dutch treats.

Amsterdam Spring Stoop

Amsterdam, flowers

Instagram always has me getting excited about the season we are currently in. I have been away from my beloved Paris and Amsterdam for a couple of months now, and the mild winter over there means that the flowers are starting to blossom early. Every year, one of my favorite things is to wander my city (whichever it is at the time) and look for signs of the next season. A little crocus popping up in a park, a day with a shining sun that never seems to go down, the first golden leaf to hit the ground, that familiar crisp feeling as Fall begins to turn to Winter… They’re different every year, but they bring me the same amount of joy each time, it seems. I remember stopping for this shot in early Spring a few years ago in Amsterdam. The gentle aroma of the fully bloomed hyacinths wafted toward me as I stopped to capture this welcoming entryway on the Singel.