Back in Paris

So, I’m finally back in Paris after a few months away. Being here again for almost an entire year straight in 2013/4 wore me out, if I’m really honest. It’s been a difficult reality to face, because Paris has been my first love for so many years – at least since 2006, if not before, when I first landed here in 1999. My first week has been filled with catching up with a few friends, walks to Trocadéro, Paris Fashion Week, and catching up on sleep.

I haven’t gotten a chance to upload, organize, and edit my newest photos yet, but here are some from my phone from the last few days. More to come soon.

2014-09-26 08.30.09
Walking from Métro Charles de Gaulle Étoile with lots of luggage, but still stopped to take a photo of this beauty
2014-09-26 16.51.48
Spotted in the 16ème arrondissement
2014-09-26 17.19.49
Post-nap afternoon walk to Trocadéro with a friend
2014-09-30 17.11.07
Oh, look, you can see the Seine again through the Pont des Arts
2014-09-30 17.11.47
Pont des Arts still loaded down in many sections
2014-09-30 18.38.20
Post-performance bicycle + Eiffel Tower shot

Passy Métropolitain Station

Paris France Passy


My métro riding days will be starting up again tomorrow! I’m finally returning to my second home again today after a few months away. First stop: the 16ème and almost immediately off to Trocadéro, not far from this station, Passy.

Vintage Postcards


Part of the pleasure of wandering the streets of small-town France is spotting little gems like these racks full of postcards of those famous vintage French posters from back in the day. Maybe one day when I actually settle down and have a home somewhere, I will have one of these beautiful posters in actual size upon my wall. But then, how to choose…?

La Grande Mosquée

I’ve never been a coffee drinker, which thus far has kept me from getting sucked into the ever-growing coffee scene in Paris. I am, however, a big fan of tea and always on the lookout for new tea places to try. On a recent excursion with my friend Pam, we headed off after a lovely lunch at Café Pinson to the Jardin des Plantes, only to follow it up with a stop at the Grande Mosquée de Paris. I had heard about this place and put it on my list but had still not made it over there yet. We had a beautiful day, so we took seats outside in the beautiful courtyard. A proper mint tea is served for 2€ in a setting that evokes images of how I imagine Morocco to be with its splendid colors and stark whites. If only those traditional tea cups were about triple the size… 🙂

La Grande Mosquée de Paris

La Grande Mosquée








La Grande Mosquée de Paris

The French Dog

French dog

How did French dogs get to be a thing, you know, a topic in and of themselves? What is it about them that makes them any different or more interesting than dogs in any other countries? I can’t deny that I have been seduced by a few charming pooches over the years. Perhaps it is the way they join their people for une pause at a café or the adorableness of their little bums sauntering down a charming French road… I think many foreigners are impressed with their characters. I, myself, am often taken aback by their obedience. Rarely have I seen a dog fight (and we know how much time I spend in Parisian parks!) or a dog stealing food off a café table. While I try to figure it out, I think I’ll just keep snapping away.

There is a book I see from time to time called The French Dog by Rachael Hale McKenna. I finally picked it up and flipped through it the other day in a shop and found it just charming. Have you seen this book? I have now added it to my coffee table book list for future purchase!

rachael mckenna

A Time for Rebirth


Seeing as I am an Aries, a Spring baby, a deep feeler of the seasons and especially the accompanying feeling of the rebirth right around my birthday, I am always joyously happy to be places where Spring is in full bloom. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to experience three Springs because of my travels from the early-budding USA to Paris, and on to Amsterdam. It was absolutely wonderful to feel such freshness in the air. Once again, I’m back in Paris for Spring, having spent the bulk of the wintertime with my family in the U.S. I am so inspired by color and new life, that this is always an ideal time for me to be in Paris.

The above photo is from a few Springs ago when the magnolia trees were in full bloom all over the city. It was taken somewhere between the 16th arrondissement and the Jardin des Tuileries… I can’t quite remember.

The photo below was taken one day while I wandered around Les Halles (long before all of the current construction). If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s not exactly the ideal time to visit since they are currently redoing Les Halles. However, the beautiful Église Saint-Eustache is still open and magnificent even with trucks and scaffolding surrounding it. (Note the Vélib’ bikes in the foreground!)

Paris, France, Eustache

Happy Crêpe Day!

It being Mardi Gras, a traditionally pancake-heavy day, I decided I wanted to post a photo of my favorite French pancake… the crêpe au nutella et banane. When googling for a decent photo of one, one of the first pics that shows up is a pic I posted last Fall of me eating one at the Eiffel Tower (and for the record, one of my least favorite photos of myself). Eek! Here’s another one, instead. 🙂 Happy crêpe/pancake eating today!


nutella and banana crepe
(Photo: unknown)