Insiders Abroad French Road Trip Through Eastern France

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Looking for a unique road trip route through France? I took a 2-week road trip through France for the second year in a row this past September and talk all about it in the FREE online magazine Insiders Abroad! I share some of my favorite locations, as well as some tips and tricks for surviving the French road trip (look out for those tolls!). Check it out by clicking on the magazine cover above.

Photos shared in the article are available in my Etsy shop, here.


Insiders Abroad Study Abroad in Dijon + Ghent Getaway

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Once again, I have contributed to the free magazine for expats and locals alike, Insiders Abroad. This time around, I have two very different articles to help guide those looking for a great getaway spot in Europe as well as any students who are wondering where to study in France. To access the articles in the FREE, gratuitgratis online magazine, go directly to Insiders Abroad! If you’ve been following me here or on Instagram for a while, you already know how big I am on Study Abroad, and I must say, I studied in the best place in the world: Dijon. Of course, I am partial, but my experience there is something I love to share about, so please go read!

Check out both articles by clicking the image above.

Insiders Abroad Study Abroad in Dijon + Ghent Getaway

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This quarter, I contributed articles to the above FREE online magazine Insiders Abroad, once again. This time I wrote about two charming places, one in France, one in Belgium. Need a weekend away? If you’re close to Belgium, Ghent is a charming city that is accessible from many other places and makes for some great photos. The other article is about something very important to me: study abroad. I feel very passionate about people – especially Americans – spending time abroad. I hope you enjoy the article all about how I happened to study in a city that was not my first choice, but led me to so many other wonderful things in my life.

Check out both articles by clicking the image above.

Insiders Abroad Bretagne + Normandy Visit

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Planning a trip to the Normandy or Brittany regions of France anytime soon? If you haven’t read it already, check out my previous article in Insiders Abroad Magazine about why camping is the best way to experience the regions. I also have a newer article in the Summer edition about specific cities and towns in the regions that will help you plan your visit to the area. It’s so rich in history and culture (think WWII for starters), that the article will be a good starting place for what you wish to see.

And good news… the magazine is free!

Insiders Abroad Brittany Camping + Amsterdam Getaway

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Haven’t secured your European holiday yet for the summer? Looking for someplace great to go? I have two great ideas for you, and both of my articles are featured in the above FREE, gratuitgratis online magazine Insiders Abroad! Need a weekend away? How about making the rounds for some beer and great eats in Amsterdam? Want to get a little more outdoorsy with your vacation? Maybe even… CAMP?! Brittany, France is your spot. Check out both articles by clicking the image above.