Waterlogue Wednesdays: Julia Willard in Kansas City

Exported Image_2016-07-22 15-01-23
Julia Willard at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Time to clear something up. Where am I from, many people have wondered… France? Non. Netherlands? Nee. U.K.? Nope.
I come from beautiful Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I just have trouble staying in one place for long, and I’ve quite liked it that way all these years. And this is my bike. 💚🚲 The bike that my mom bought me at an estate sale a few years ago for $35. It was brown and had been neglected for probably 30 years. For my birthday last year, my parents had it repainted for me to match the #fallingoffbicycles logo. 🎂💚🚲 And here we are together at a real KC gem, the @nelsonatkins Museum of Art. 🏸 Even though where I’m from is considered by some as “flyover country”, there is much to do and see here… like pose with giant shuttlecocks. 😉😂

Image painted in Waterlogue.